Doublestar Attended 2023 Sema Show in Las Vegas

Recently, the 2023 Sema show was held in Las Vegas. After about five years, Doublestar first returns to the Sema Show. What is more exciting is that new series of Doublestar American products are on exhibit, to show Doubletars high quality image in innovation, quality and technology. 


The North American is the world's largest auto parts demand market. More than half of the auto parts products in the United States rely on imports. For long time, affected by tire anti-dumping policy, Doublestar could not develop deeper American market. As Doublestar Cambodia factory is founded this year, it is great chance for us to develop America market with professional products designed for local users. During the exhibition, the new product lineup includes "Safort" safety tires, new energy design tires, and other TBR and PCR new tires, to meet the diversified needs of different users. The new TBR tire DLS918 has increased the tread width for better handling and stability, and the wear-resistant compound provides longer service life. The new energy special designed tire, with excellent handling and fuel-saving performance is favored by many customers.


After communicating with Doublestar sales and R&D specialists, many customers have showed great interest and recognition of Doublestar tires. Doublestar will continue to provide users with a safer and more comfortable driving experience.


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