Doublestar overseas headquarters dressed up for the 128th Canton Fair

Doublestar overseas headquarters dressed up for the 128th Canton Fair

Recently, the 128th China import and export commodities fair is held ceremoniously online, as a large during the outbreak at the international online exhibition, Doublestar overseas headquarters with the aid of the exhibition to expand overseas markets, preparing, build 360 ° panoramic online exhibition hall, for overseas clients like offline event live effect, for customers all over the world under the outbreak to build Bridges with binary zero distance contact.

It is reported that the Doublestar overseas headquarters provides a full range of brand and product display for overseas customers with the help of online exhibition hall and three live broadcasts every day. Doublestar Overseas general manager Mrs. Linda introduced the brand and comprehensive strength of Doublestar to overseas customers through online live broadcast on the opening day, so that participating customers had a comprehensive understanding of Doublestar brand. During the exhibition, the Doublestar overseas sales teams respectively explained the main product models to customers in detail in the live broadcast for each channel and market, and answered customers' questions through interaction. Among them, the highlights in the broadcast products such as mud road MT tires T01, the bionic tiger PAWS have excellent grip design, and through the close-ups show product details, for the customer with the "FIVE PITCHES" design of high-end HP tire DH08, European style concise pattern, excellent dry details such as wetland performance let customers take in everything in a glance, there are more highly differentiated products allow customers such as performance in general to product quality, widely praised by the customers, live thumb up quantity is broken.

Through this exhibition, the overseas headquarters once again communicated with customers around the world "face to face" about products and market demands, which expanded new channels for the global market affected by the epidemic and laid a solid foundation for accelerating the strategy of landing 212 overseas.


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