Dubai Events

The International Equestrian Federation,FEI 40-km endurance event (Dubai) will kick off on November 7. Doublestar will support Chinese athletes and help Chinese athletes achieve good results. The Dubai crown prince endurance cup is a world-class equestrian event hosted by the DUBAI Equestian Club, which draws top riders and horses from all over the world.
DOUBLESTAR tire united Arab emirates, one country, one partner of the customers, fully sponsored the Chinese athletes to participate in this event, not only for the Chinese athletes to get good results in international competitions, but also show the international influence of Doublestar brand, further improve the reputation of Doublestar in the international market. By actively participating in local marketing and participating in well-known international sports events, the world can see the brand strength of Doublestar, and Doublestar gradually becomes the first brand in the mind of consumers in the target market.

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