Doublestar Tires were showing at the Tyrexpo Asia 2019

On March 19, Tyrexpo Asia 2019 in Singapore Expo Centre grand opening, binary overseas headquarters for accelerating 160 strategic ground, in the further development of southeast Asia market at the same time, more as an opportunity to dig deeper into the international market opportunities, expanding overseas market share and influence of Doublestar brand with many high-end high differentiation high value-added products at the scene, attracted the attention of a large number of the customers and users, has won the high recognition.
It is reported that the exhibition attracted enterprises from more than 80 countries, nearly ten thousand people to participate in the exhibition, the exhibits cover all relevant products of the tire industry, the influence of radiation throughout southeast Asia and even Europe and other places, to enhance the visibility of the double star brand provides a high-quality display platform.
International products and image on the scene
In this exhibition, CROSSLEADER and KINBLI, as well as DOUBLESTAR and AOSEN, the high-end brands owned by DOUBLESTAR, have all appeared in the exhibition, which not only meets the needs of different customers, but also fully demonstrates the rich product specifications and enterprise strength of DOUBLESTAR. The main product of CROSSLEADER, DSU02, not only has ultra-high performance and covers all best-selling high-end models, but also has a broad market prospect. T01 will present to the field customers the diamond body technology with global patent, which can greatly improve off-road and safety.
Doublestar high-end products attract customers from all over the world
Exhibition binary exhibition hall on the first day ahead of a large number of customers, from Indonesia, Singapore, India, Britain, Kuwait, Lebanon and other countries customers are attracted by high differentiation of binary products, on-site customer managers are overwhelmed, on the recommendation of a customer managers, said many clients want to be able to further understand the products and cooperation, cooperation intention is very strong.
Professional quality to win customer recognition
At the exhibition site, in the face of a large number of customers to consult, customer managers have shown excellent professional quality. It is understood that during the preparation period of the exhibition, they sorted out the product materials applicable to this exhibition by analyzing the information of previous exhibitions, so as to make full preparations. On the site, customer managers explain and recommend products to customers with the most professional product knowledge, so that customers can intuitively feel the products and at the same time have a comprehensive understanding of product performance, impress customers with their expertise, and win customers' recognition.
Win-win cooperation for common development
Through this exhibition, Doublestar brand of various products with its superior performance won the customers and users from all over the world agree, with the overseas sales team with high professional quality with the aid of the exhibition platform to dig deeper into the market opportunities, expand customer, with superior service win the trust of customers, the exhibition to clients have expressed the intention of cooperation, more customers want to be able to long-term cooperation with binary become partners, promoting binary brand in the local market, and binary seek common development, create a better future.

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