Doublestar tire makes its debut at The 17th CITEXPO China International Tire Expo

August 19 -21, The 17th CITEXPO opened in Shanghai. This exhibition brings together the best tire enterprises and the best quality tire products in China, providing the most convenient international trade negotiation platform for customers from more than 120 countries. In order to further improve the brand's international influence and visibility, to meet the needs of different regions, different users, with a variety of different products, attracted the attention of many customers, become the focus of the scene.

Doublestar product differentiation has attracted much attention

At the exhibition site, Doublestar tire not only has an eye-catching booth with novel design, but also attracts customers from all over the world to negotiate with its highly differentiated products. The Doublestar tire has brought its high-end brands in the high-end, high difference, high value-added products, including KINBLI S86, CROSSLEADER DSU02 representative products favored by customers, especially CROSSLEADER DSU02 with international patent technology, higher strength, better security, covering all of the current high-end popular models fit tire model, market space is very broad, the scene gave high praise from customers.

High quality products attract foreign media attention

During the exhibition, Doublestar tires not only attracted the attention of on-site customers, but also attracted the attention of Japanese media with high differentiation and high quality products. The reporter of "automobile tire news" of Japanese newspaper company carried on investigation and interview in double star booth, had a detailed understanding on the present development and future plan of double star tire, showed great interest to DSU02 in product respect, made detailed inquiry to the performance of this product and other aspects, gave full affirmation.

This exhibition, double star tire once again to the world's customers to show the high difference, high value-added products excellent quality. On the first day of the exhibition, we received nearly 100 customers and reached preliminary cooperation intention, which laid a foundation for continuously expanding overseas market and enhancing the international influence of Doublestar brand.

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