Doublestar Tire 2020 overseas strategy release and overseas dealers conference held in Hubei province

Doublestar Tire 2020 overseas strategy release and overseas dealers conference held in Hubei province

On October 21, with the theme of "dream with doublestar, wisdom in win-win", the 2020 Doublestar Tire overseas strategy release and overseas dealer conference was held in Shiyan city, Hubei province. Mr. Chai Yongsen, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, relevant leaders of the group and double star global excellent dealer partners attended the event. 

At the meeting, Doublestar Tire and the world's outstanding dealers to share the results of 2019, discuss future development plans. Mrs. Deng ling, general manager of overseas headquarters, delivered a welcoming speech to release the overseas strategy in 2020, especially the further promotion and landing of the overseas 160 strategy, and focused on the introduction of high-differentiated products such as wide-base mine tires, fire-safety tires and special-purpose tires for passenger cars. Customer representatives from Iraq, the Philippines and Ethiopia, combined with the excellent results achieved under the guidance of Doublestar overseas strategy since 2019, Shared their experiences with all dealers on site and expressed their trust in Doublestar tire and confidence in expanding cooperation in the future. Su Ming, general manager of Doublestar, introduced the ecosystem of "r&d 4.0+ industry 4.0+ service 4.0" established by Doublestar in its second venture, as well as the innovative measures made by Doublestar in strategy, product, market, system and other aspects by pooling global talents.

The conference site showed a number of "high-end, high differentiation, high added value" products of Doublestar. Its superior design concept and high quality product performance won the praise and recognition of all dealers attending the conference. They all expressed their confidence in the future cooperation with Doublestar.

Overseas dealers also jointly participated in the trial production ceremony of "industry 4.0" intelligent factory of Doublestar DongFeng tire, which witnessed another important moment of the growth and development of Doublestar tire.

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